Uncover Your Past Lives Oracle

60 Circular Divination Cards

Cards created to help you uncover your past lives.

Nature Worship

These cards are still under construction and only currently available online. I created them to help with the detecting of past lives (or archetypal roles or patterns) that could be affecting health, situations, or relationships. There are 60 card fronts which are divided into 4 sections, each representing an energy related to the original card theme. When drawn, a certain quadrant will be showing at the north position, or a pendulum can be used with a card to determine which energy applies with a certain past life that one is examining.

These cards are created to be able to read them using the front of the cards as well as the back of the cards to pick up different details such as time frame, lesson, religion, sex, how one died, trauma, love, and location.

Note: Since creating this app, I lost all my old designs (my computer was hacked) so I gave up on it for a while. Due to demand, however, I am starting over with a new design. If you want to follow along with the creation process, feel free to become a patron through Patreon.com

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