Three Card Spread Results – Healers of the Earth Oracle

Past Card

Pick Up Your Sword Reversed

Has a legal or other form of argument or circumstance sent you into a rage? Has it caused you to lose sense of how to advocate for yourself, or fight for something you believe in, with dignity and integrity? Or, conversely, do you have an opportunity to stand up for something honorable, but instead, you feel like giving up?

If the latter, perhaps feelings of weakness, passive conformity, or worry over what others think prevailed over the courage to speak the truth, illuminate others, or stand up for something meaningful. Hopefully, an injustice was not enabled. However, injustice can also become enabled through making a decision to fight dirty or to lower oneself to another’s level.

Therefore, this card in this position offers the encouragement that if you need to take a stand for something important, you’re asked to be brave and to continue the good fight, but without allowing your emotions or reactions to become too aggressive or chaotic. Stand in your power and speak your truth from a place of centeredness, fairness, and justness. Trust that you have the ability to fight this kind of fight and, more importantly, to fight it with integrity.

Present Card

Fruits of Labor

You may feel the urge to create new life, nurture it, and watch it grow. This life could be the physical kind, such as the desire to have children. Or you could desire to give life to an idea or project, or to nourish growth in some area of your life—spiritually, physically, or emotionally. If you can combine positive intention with putting yourself or your energy out into the world, you can potentially attract lucrative opportunities. Whatever you’re willing to labor toward or commit to, expect your efforts to yield good fruit.

At times, this card may be asking the reader to display generosity toward others who need it or to focus on manifesting good works in the greater world. If this is something you’ve been thinking about pursuing, know your good intentions are likely to be rewarded and will attract good karma.

Future Card

Unretrieved Soul

You may have become disconnected from your body. This could be due to fear, shock, or trauma. Or you could either be avoiding your emotions or have become too focused in the mind, engaged in fantasy or overanalysis.

With a relationship, be careful that you’re not co-dependently giving part of your soul away to another person, looking to that person or relationship to define you. If you’ve become obsessive, it could indicate that part of your soul has become lost, or it’s floating around another person’s energy field, trying to feel for what that person may be feeling or thinking. If so, you may need to consciously pull yourself back and develop stronger boundaries.

If you feel ungrounded due to spiritual practices or psychic work, you may benefit from grounding yourself on a regular basis.[1]  Whatever your case, if you can practice centering yourself in your body, feeling what it’s like to be fully in it (including feeling your emotions), you have the potential to turn things around and return to wholeness.

[1] The practice of grounding involves being present in the body and in touch with one’s emotions. It focuses on the real world and what is tangible.

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