One Card Reading Result – Healers of the Earth Oracle

Pleasant Distraction Reversed

While a little distraction can be a good thing, a lot isn’t always healthy. Hopefully, you aren’t spending so much time engaged in social media, watching Netflix, or other pastimes that you’ve forgotten to pay the bills or to take care of important obligations. If this sounds like you, you are urged to pull yourself away from too many distractions so you can focus on what should be made a priority. Otherwise, you could become unreliable, sedentary, or miss important opportunities or deadlines.

At times, this card in this position can warn you to be careful not to become swept up by a pied piper or someone whose siren song has caught you in its spell. A charismatic talker might know all the right words to seduce you or might offer theories or ideas meant to distract you from the truth or to dissuade you from making important changes in your life. While the fantasy they offer may be attractive and engaging, it’s not a replacement for living, fully present, within the real world.

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