Two Card Empathic Sensitivity/Healing Spread

This was a deck created to replace muscle testing for earth sensitives or others who suffer from sensitivities or illnesses with shifting symptoms (like CFS, food sensitivities, lyme, or other 20th Century Diseases). It was created to replace muscle testing when it comes to telling the how to tell the difference between physical symptom, what is emotional, what is empathically taken on (and from where). Clear your mind and then ask your higher self (or whatever energy you call upon) a question the root of a physical symptom or alternatively what you can focus on a healing/empathic level.   Then, click the image of the card back below or the button underneath it to reveal your reading.

Note and Disclaimer:  this deck does not contain cards that will pick up more serious medical conditions, which is only for a doctor to diagnose.  Never discontinue any treatments, professional advice, or medications without the advice of your doctor.

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