Healers of the Earth Oracle

This 72 card deck was created to be used in a variety of ways. I created it to operate as a personal oracle deck with an earth based and healing theme. However, I also created it (when the guide book is completed) to be used as a tool;

  • to read the collective energy / earth energy
  • as a healing deck for people who are sensitive to different energies and want to know what they are exhibiting sensitivity to.

These uses come from my work as a psychic and having many empaths come to me to ask particular questions pertaining to wanting to know if a symptom they have is emotional, physical, empathic, a psychic attack, or picking up on solar flares, frequencies and more.

The artwork for each card was purchased through Fotolia.com and Dreamstimes.com.

There is a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to print the cards through a printer who is environmentally conscious and cost effective. Those who donate will receive a deck and manual once they are completed.


Try a Reading

Personal One Card Spread

One Card Spread

Personal 3 Card Spread

Three Card Spread

Reading of the Collective Energy

One Card Spread

What Is Causing Your Symptoms

One Card Spread

What Healing Can You Apply?

One Card Spread