I received the Healers of the Earth Deck in the mail and I opened the beautiful box they came in and was pleasantly surprised with the cards. They are very easy to hold and shuffle and the artwork on them is very well done. They are easy to read from even for a beginner as they do give three words at the bottom to go by. I love these cards and use them every single day to pull from as they are that spot on for me. Whether you are just beginning to work with oracle cards or a seasoned pro at it, I do feel you will find these right up your alley. They speak to you right when you open them up. There are 75 cards in all and can definitely help you with any situation you have going on. They have a very soft energy to them which is nice but they still get the message across that you are suppose to know. The artwork is very easy on the eyes and the light border around them helps bring the picture to life.

Michele Hudson

Psychic Medium