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Unboxing Video

A video created by an indiegogo campaigner who does a good job at describing the cards and how to use them. Thanks so much to Jennifer Ball.

Divination Decks

Healers of the Earth Oracle
EFT Divination Kit
Color of Love Kit
Power of Sound
Power of Sound


Different print-on-demand services provide different options when it comes to card thickness, boxes, manuals, and included parts. Some provide options for gilding or glossed cards while others don’t. Different companies also have different levels of quality and pricing. For this reason, the boxed kits are provided from one company while the tarot-sized decks are provided from another.

EFT Divination Kit and the Color of Love Kit

The Game Crafter

The EFT Divination Kit and the Color of Love Kit are available by print-on-demand through thegamecrafter.com The price is determined by print on demand, which can be quite pricey printing only one deck at a time.

Healers of the Earth Oracle [Cards Only]

The Healers of the Earth Oracle is available through MakePlayingCards.com and are printed through the QP Printing Group (see their environmental policy here >>). Two versions are offered: an economy version and a version with silver edging. The silver edged version is a lot more expensive. These versions of the deck come unboxed and the manual would need to be purchased independently or downloaded from here >> . The card stock of the economy version is 300 gsm paper thickness and the gilded version is 330 gsm. Both versions are glossy. This company produces amazing quality of color and card cutting.  I’ve never seen a deck that wasn’t perfect.

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Healers of the Earth [Boxed Version] ***Currently Sold Out. Expecting back in stock in June ***

A boxed version of the Healers of the Earth Oracle is available through its Indiegogo campaign here>> . This version comes with a box and 200 page manual of upright and reversed definitions for the cards (for use as a personal oracle). The boxes are created from eco-friendly/recycled materials.

The guidebook is currently being set up to be printed through Ingram Spark using FSC certified paper and print on demand technology. See Ingram Spark’s environmental policy here>> .

I’m currently using MakePlayingCards.com to print the cards and fulfill orders (see above for more details).  Their environmental policy is here>> . They are quite expensive so I’m exploring other options.

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Downloadable Manuals

For more information on downloadable manuals for all of the decks, click here >> .

Paperback Manuals

Coming soon.