EFT Divination Kit

The EFT Divination Kit

This kit consists of two divination decks. The first is the EFT Divination and Chakra Deck. This deck has 77 cards (there are repeat cards in the deck) that focuses on detecting what in Emotional Freedom Technique are called “psychological reversals” and other blocks to healing progress. There are cards to indicate all of Gary Craig’s main psychological reversals (it is safe, I am willing, etc.) as well as other cards to indicate energy toxins, dehydration, nutrition issues, energetic issues, karmic issues, homolateral energy and more.These cards were created for those who feel uncomfortable with muscle testing. The cards are color coded so they can also be used to combine EFT with charka work. The card backs can be used to select a card which will indicate which chakra to work with.

Emotions Divination DeckThe second 72 card Emotions Deck is based on locating trapped emotions and memories that may be worked with using EFT or other healing techniques. The cards offer both a negative and a positive form of an emotion to give the option of either clearing a negative emotion or asking what emotion to instill. You can even combine both processes with EFT, clearing a negative emotion and replacing it with a positive alternative.

The kit is currently being printed on demand through The Game Crafter. You can find more information on the kits page below:


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EFT Divination Deck

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EFT Divination Deck

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