Eco-scope for November 2018

Posted on Nov 6, 2018

What is the environmental message for your Star Sign for the month?



You’ll play your part helping the environment this month through embarking on a physical cleanse of your body and diet. Going through a cleansing of this type will have a natural effect of helping you to reduce your toxic load on the planet.

For example, if part of your cleanse involves reducing the amount of pesticides, additives, and preservatives you ingest, or eating more organically, you will not only be purifying your body by embarking on this process, but you will also be withdrawing from buying products from companies who use pesticides and who produce over-packaged convenience foods. In place of this, you will be supporting those companies who follow more natural means of food growing or processing. If you go vegan or vegetarian as part of a cleanse, you withdraw your support from livestock farming, potentially helping to combat climate change.

Most importantly, through increasing your health and purifying your vibration through embarking on a cleanse, it will allow you, in a natural way, to support those companies who care about the environment, or are more socially or spiritually conscious. Thus, as you cleanse yourself you become one more person who is making a difference to help heal the world.



You’ll play your part helping the world or environment this month through getting out into the spotlight in service to a larger cause. Perhaps you’ve been too anonymous, hiding yourself away out of fear of not being accepted by others or that not everyone would like you for it. While its not always easy to move from anonymity to allowing yourself to be more recognized, you’re being asked to trust that you can do it and are ready!

The type of cause you choose to serve is largely up to you. It can involve vegetarianism, rescuing animals, the environment, child abuse, social change, bringing more peace into the world, or something else that is a passion of yours. Stepping out from behind anonymity need not require you to stand in front of a microphone, write a book, or give lectures if you don’t want it to. All it involves is letting go of any need or inclination you’ve had to keep your service to the world hidden or secret from those close to you. Know that the heavenly realms support you in your cause, and if you’re brave enough to come out from hiding, it will bring rewards.


Higher Education

Gemini’s are advised this month to open themselves to learning more about what is going on in the greater world; socially, environmentally, or politically. Doing so may not always be comfortable, as there is a lot to see that could upset a person’s equilibrium. However, being open to learning more than you currently know may help you better learn how you are part of a whole and how you function within it, more so than if you can only focus on what affects you personally. Part of being more open to learning more about the world could involve doing your own research. Perhaps you can research important issues, remedies for those issues, or courses of action that are recommended as a remedy. You may want to consider joining groups (online or offline) or following relevant social media accounts to keep informed.

Of what you learn about the world, you’re not asked to be overly negative, judgmental, or to believe in the worst. You are merely asked to take notice in a way that allows you to see the bigger picture of what is going on in the world and any role(s) you play. Remember, you are a part of the greater world and it is a part of you. Every interaction that you have with it is meaningful. So, don’t be afraid to learn and explore!


Pole ShiftFor the month of November, Cancers are encouraged to become more aware of how the Law of Polarities is working within their lives, the greater world, and with the environment.  You can often view how the Law of Polarities works when examining how the pursuit of one form of excess will often lead to the experience of its opposite in some form (depletion) in another area.  For example, the pursuit of over-abundance of material things naturally leads to depletion of resources (including personal energy if a person is workaholic or over-stiving), health, time for other priorities, etc.  Notice how when you make the pursuit of what is lifeless a priority where life becomes depleted or disappears (because it isn’t valued as much or noticed). 

The Law of Polarities can also operate in a psychological way. Such as, notice how when when you strive for excess abundance, you manifest a feeling within yourself of not having enough. Notice also how when you pursue excess in one way it creates a feeling of depletion on another level (such as of energy, time, or resources). Notice all the other little ways the Law of Polarities may be working within your life. Begin also to notice where you can have two polarities manifest at the same time from one goal or affirmation. Such as manifesting personal excess for yourself can manifest depletion  notice in your life which affirmations are manifesting, or if both are at the same time. From this perspective, ask your higher self to show you the path to harmony and truth, and how to find the beauty in what your soul truly longs to find beauty within, especially within your own self and heart.


Divine Feminine

This month is a month for Leos to honor the Divine Feminine. One way that you can do this is through involving yourself in any goal or pursuit that furthers respect for women, mothers, feminine values, and nature (since she is an aspect of Mother Nature). You may also wish to honor the feminine in your life through getting more in touch with your feminine side, even if you are a male.

Part of respecting and valuing the feminine could also involve letting go of ideas, even culturally accepted ones, that devalue the feminine or women in some form, or which treat what is female as a commodity to be used by a male to be discarded when there is no use for it any longer.  One example is the western world’s highly masculine dating culture, which is focused on the principle of conquest and passionate encounters (masculine energy) over true bonding, nesting, or coupling (feminine). This same type of acquisition model can be seen with the western world’s lack of ability to bond with mother nature, unable to truly appreciate her and engage in a symbiotic relationship of give and take rather than exploitation. In the masculine model, mother nature and her resources are used and abused or discarded instead of conserved or honored. The ideal model would be a balanced one where the masculine and the feminine are both valued.

Overall, this month is one for Leos to aim to see and appreciate the nurturing that is being provided by all of the feminine and motherly energy that surrounds you, whether it is present within your home or personal life, or within the greater world around you.

The Law of Balance

For Virgos, this month you’re asked to let go of thinking in terms of extremes, in favor of finding a middle path between them. For example, the middle path between self-indulgence and self-denial is moderation. The middle path between abundance and poverty is quiet comfort. The middle path between wanting it all and not feeling you have enough is contentment  The middle path between the extremes of indifference and anxiousness is mindfulness. As you observe various extremes and the middle way between them, try not to shy away from observing the effects of straying from a middle path, not just for your own personal life but world at large. For example, where has excess materialism has lead to destructive to the environment or an overabundance of waste? Where has a dominant masculine principle caused the loss or devaluing of the feminine (or vice versa where it might apply)?

What is important with the energy of this card, is that you look out onto the world as one who can see through the various polarities which have become modus operandi to perceive how to strike a healthy balance. Sometimes the polarities and how to walk between them isn’t always easy to perceive as the western world has become accustomed to living out of balance. Living in balance can even be seen as somewhat a failure or not trying hard enough. However, as you see through the conditioning of the world, you can come up with new values that fit a modus operandi of being a “healer of the earth.” Through taking a balanced and graceful approach you can become a greater force of healing for yourself, others, and the greater world.

Dining Table

For Libras, this month is a good month to focus on purifying your diet. Not only does purifying your diet benefit your physical health and body, but purifying your diet can also help you become a “healer of the earth.” This is because everything is connected. As you start to eat in more pure ways, such as through supporting local farmers, going vegan (if you choose to), and avoiding convenience and heavily packaged and processed foods (as well as those which aren’t organic or which contain GMO’s), you help to change consumer demand and consciousness, and from there how companies desire to operate. This is because the while there exists a Law of Attraction, there also exists a Law of Supply and Demand. This means that the public has power to create healing change through making use of their power as consumers and re-shaping demand (or creating new demand). So, over the month of November, think of all the ways you can eat purely and the positive domino effects that can result, not just within your own life, but for the greater world. 


Time to Fly South

For the month of November, Scorpios are encouraged to migrate from spending too much time indoors to spending more time outdoors and out in nature. This may be especially beneficial for those whom the atmosphere inside the home has become too stressful. Perhaps, getting out into nature can help you become more grounded and recharge. 

Or possibly getting outdoors more often may be beneficial if you are sensitive to forms of indoor pollution (such as from paints, furniture out-gassing, cleaning chemicals, or too many artificially scented products), or if over-exposure to wi-fi or other frequencies is affecting your sleep, or causing restlessness or other symptoms.

For some, getting outdoors more may prove beneficial if you’ve forgotten to value life or feel disconnected from it. Allow yourself to get away from being glued to your television, computer, obligations of work, or social media pages, so you can get outside and bask in the beauty of nature or become attuned to her ebb and flow. Doing so could help you to migrate closer to an understanding of your own true nature, beauty, and flow. This “true nature” transcends the stresses, striving, and artificiality that can sometimes permeate the world.

Celestial Encounters

The advice for Sagittarius this month is to allow a message to be communicated to you from the cosmos or beyond the veil. However, this won’t be a message about your personal life, but a message offering more collective insights or insights into how to be a force of healing within the greater world.

If you feel drawn to connecting with angels and you have hosted the archangels[1] in your past, consider this card an invitation to try this approach to applying the corrective energy of this card. Perhaps your angels or higher guides have even been waiting for the opportunity to connect with you on this level but needed your permission.

It is not important that your psychic vision is perfect. What is important is your intention to connect with these divine beings in service to the greater whole. Working with heavenly energies in this way could even change the types of energies you attract your way for assistance, allowing beings of an increasingly higher level and purer energy to offer you their love, insight, and support.

[1] For more information on hosting the archangels, what it is, and what it entails, visit


The Clock Is Ticking

For Capricorns this month, when it comes to the environment, you are advised to let go of worrying about the action that others may or may not be taking to bring healing to a collective situation. Instead, focus on your own contributions. Perhaps you’ve held back from embarking on a certain course of action because you felt that it wouldn’t make a difference, was too difficult, you were doing it alone, or you were waiting for someone else to take the lead. This card asks you to let go of these kinds of rationalizations so that you can step into becoming the true Earth Healer you know yourself to be. View your situation as one where you are being offered a choice: you can either choose to make a gesture of love, support, and kindness to the greater whole, or you can choose to hold yourself back.

In a similar vein, you also don’t even need to concern yourself with whether a collective issue is real, based in science, something to genuinely worry about, or whether it isn’t. Simply focus on embracing a pure energy of being of service to the greater whole or “One.” Through doing so, you will also be helping yourself to foster and further your understanding of your connection to the whole of life– without needing to be joined by others in this or having to witness immediate results.

After all, acting according to what your heart deep down feels is right and pure, doesn’t need to be based on scientific research or what perhaps could potentially happen if there is a failure for the collective to act in a loving way or to heed a warning. Walking upon the earth in a way that leaves gentle footprints is something that can be done for its own sake, and something that can bring immeasurable rewards if you are willing to align with this kind of mind-set.



For Aquarius, you are encouraged to focus on the intangible and permanent quality of nature and life, as opposed to the impermanent and changeable. This may help to bring you more fully into the present moment. Developing this type of focus may be especially helpful in cases where there is anxiety regarding what potential events, harm, or disasters should come in the future, or if you are overly focused on planetary shifts, ascension, the coming of an external savior, or other positive events that may or may not materialize.

Without the focus on “when” or “how” something will be brought about or its date, you can merely focus on your connection with nature and the greater world around you. You can learn to appreciate that within all life exists a core of love, vitality, and perfection that you can get in touch with and which is worthy of your love and respect. This love and life force energy is something you can relate to because it is innately a part of you. Understanding this can go a long way toward helping you realize how all is one and connected, not just within the spiritual realm but throughout the physical realm also. If you can reach a point where you aren’t focusing on material fears, desires, or outcomes as a motivation for being more environmental, you have the basis to take healing action for its own sake. Any action you take will be aligned with your awareness of a higher truth.


Remnants of Atlantis

For Pisces this month, the message from this enviroscope is to focus on what is arising from humanities collective past (ancient or more recent) that either helps or hinder the healing and balancing of the energies on earth. What past cultures revered nature and lived in balance and harmony with the world? Which one’s focused on peace and love? Where are those movements rising again? If you don’t know about these cultures, where can you learn more? 

If you have the ability or are interested in past life regression, you may want to discover any relevant past lives of your own, and anything collective lesson you may have returned to be part of learning. For while some of our lessons are more personal, because we are all connected and a part of a larger world and whole, many of us returned during this time frame, when the environment is suffering and there are other social issues, to be part of the culture that is hear to bring about change or to be play a role in the learning of a collective lesson.

As you observe where humanity has been and come from and where it is leading to, try to suspend judgement or emotion in order to see things in a detached and honest way. Then take a look at your own life and what historical and collective archetypes, patterns, or belief systems you are aligned with (or enable). Which ones do you want to emphasize or what can be let go of? Where is the whole of life showing you that there is a lesson that you can be part of learning? As one individual, you contain humanity within you and humanity contains the individual within it. With this understanding, know that your history, present, and even future matter to the world. 


*Note: Please be cautious with any sort of cleanse and do not refrain from taking drugs or medicines without the permission of a doctor if you have a serious medical condition. Vegetarianism in some people may result in nutritional deficiencies, such as B12, so make sure you follow the advice of this card responsibly and not without advisement of a professional.