Eco-scope for January 2019

Posted on Jan 3, 2019

What is the environmental message for your Star Sign for the month?


Sound Healing Reversed

For Aries, this month you are asked to listen, because nature is calling you. While she may not be able to communicate with you through using words or a human language, she has her own way of expressing her truth or a message.  Perhaps you can learn to hear what she has to relay through meditating with her out in nature. Out in nature, you can hear the buzzing of life, rippling of water, the songs of birds, or other elements that make up a symphony of life and truth.

While there’s a lot that Nature communicates that is beautiful and inspiring, and you’re encouraged to pay attention to this, try not to shy away from hearing what could educate humanity about its shadow-side. Perhaps, through these honest communications, nature has something to teach you when it comes to how humanity can care for her, respect her resources, or limit itself, such as from over-taking in places where she has over-supplied in a way that has left her depleted in some fashion. What does she communicate would help her to restore the balance or to be replenished? What do you interpret that is harmonious, or where do you interpret where harmony has been replaced with a cacophony of noise, chaos, or distraction?

There’s always a back and forth dialogue going on between humanity and nature, which you’ll be able to interpret the dialogue if you pay attention. If you are willing to listen and learn, you’ll soon become adept and a conscious participant in the conversation.


Let Their Be Light Reversed

For the month of January, Taurus’ are encouraged to let go of needing to find their worth through being a producer or acquirer of an endless supply of lifeless products or gadgets. Also let go of any tendency to see your worth or value in terms of better or less than others based on what you manifest in the world that is monetary, material, or man-made. In place of this, seek ways to find your worth inside of you, in a way that doesn’t lead you to insert yourself within any kind of external hierarchy or label. Such hierarchies and labels are only mental concepts, and thus illusions. They speak nothing about your own or your brothers or sisters true value. 

If you must produce something for a living, find ways to keep the energy in balance, both internally (such as through letting go of the need to identify or attach too much with the label of being a producer or having a product), and externally in the outer world (such as through letting go of arrogance or ego involved with using nature’s resources indiscriminately without regard for what could be depleting to her). Begin to think in terms of sharing a connection with every living thing and being. That connection makes you infinitely equal to every other part of creation. You and all other life forms are each a piece of a puzzle, which each and every piece is required and important for its completion. 


The Karmic Scales Reversed

If you are a Gemini, for the month of January, you could find yourself feeling that important personalities, leaders, corporations, or others with influence are behaving in a way that is unfair or getting away with what they shouldn’t (even injustice). You may be thinking that they should know better, be taking the lead, or setting an example when it comes to important world issues. However, instead of resorting to blame and giving your power away, strive to learn a higher lesson. In fact, what if the karma of those currently in power isn’t what you think? Perhaps they incarnated for a special purpose meant to teach members of the public an important lesson. For instance, maybe their injustices can motivate a passive public to seek to restore it, or to begin to question societal norms, constructs, allegiances, or conditioning that needs changing. Karma can be a complicated thing. And sometimes what appears another person’s karmic lesson or responsibility might actually be our own.

Thus, with this card, there may be a need to take accountability and responsibility for the larger events in the world, even if you are just one person and do not feel your efforts matter. It offers a message to stop casting blame on the players around you and to accept the role you’ve played and consider what you can do to change it. You might not have power over what others do or have control over the outcome of a whole population’s actions, but you have power and control over your own choices and how you choose to serve the greater world. You have the choice to either serve it fairly and with integrity (doing the right thing for yourself, the world, and your environment), or in a manner of waiting for someone else to do the right thing. The choice is up to you.


Withdrawal Symptoms

For the month of January, Cancers are encouraged to examine their lives for where an unhealthy dependency exists which they are willing to process any feelings of discomfort or loss in order to release it. This dependency could be on a person, food, lifestyle, habit, addiction, belief system, conditioning, or something else that holds you hostage and/or limits your true freedom. Depending upon what you feel dependent upon, being willing to experience a release could help you get closer in touch with the true nature of your spirit, which is boundless and unrestrained.

It’s possible that you’re already going through a process of release. If so, you’re encouraged to keep moving through any uncomfortable symptoms. Whatever your case, be willing let go of something you’ve been clinging to, even if it requires you to move through a temporary period of discomfort or may take time to acclimate to a new energy.


Pole Shift

For the month of January, Leos are encouraged to become more aware of how the Law of Polarities is working within their lives, the greater world, and with the environment.  You can often view how the Law of Polarities works through examining how the pursuit of one form of excess will often lead to the experience of an opposite polarity (depletion) in another area.  For example, the pursuit of over-abundance of material things naturally leads to depletion of natural or other resources (including personal energy, time, relationships, other priorities, health, etc.).  If the opposite polarity isn’t necessarily manifested, see if you can detect where it is impacted in some fashion. For example, when pursuing what is lifeless is made a priority, where and how does what has life become depleted or disappears (because it isn’t valued as much or noticed). 

The Law of Polarities can also operate in a psychological way. For example, notice how when when you strive for excess abundance, you manifest a feeling within yourself of not having enough. Notice also how when you pursue excess in one way it creates a feeling of depletion on another level (such as of energy, time, or resources). Notice all the other little ways the Law of Polarities may be working within your life. Begin also to notice where you can have two polarities manifest at the same time from one goal or affirmation.  From this perspective, ask your higher self to show you the middle path of harmony and balance, and how best that path can be traveled. While there will always be polarities in life and accompanying our endeavors, becoming more conscious and aware of them can help you walk your path and make decisions from a more enlightened place. 

Dining Table

The advice for Virgos for the month of January is to focus on purifying your diet. Not only does purifying your diet benefit your physical health and body, but purifying your diet can also help you become a “healer of the earth.” This is because everything is connected. As you start to eat in more pure ways, such as through supporting local farmers, going vegan (if you choose to), and avoiding convenience and heavily packaged and processed foods (as well as those which aren’t organic or which contain GMO’s), you help to change consumer demand and consciousness, and from there how companies desire to operate. This is because the while there exists a Law of Attraction, there also exists a Law of Supply and Demand. This means that the public has power to create healing change through making use of their power as consumers and re-shaping demand (or creating new demand). So, over the month of November, think of all the ways you can eat purely and the positive domino effects that can result, not just within your own life, but for the greater world. 


If you are a Libra, for the month of January, you are encouraged to focus on the intangible and permanent quality of nature and life, as opposed to the impermanent and changeable. This may help to bring you more fully into the present moment. Developing this type of focus may be especially helpful in cases where there is anxiety regarding what potential events, harm, or disasters should come in the future, or if you are overly focused on planetary shifts, ascension, the coming of an external savior, or other positive events that may or may not materialize.

Without the focus on “when” or “how” something will be brought about or its date, you can merely focus on your connection with nature and the greater world around you. You can learn to appreciate that within all life exists a core of love, vitality, and perfection that you can get in touch with and which is worthy of your love and respect. This love and life force energy is something you can relate to because it is innately a part of you. Understanding this can go a long way toward helping you realize how all is one and connected, not just within the spiritual realm but throughout the physical realm also. If you can reach a point where you aren’t focusing on material fears, desires, or outcomes as a motivation for being more environmental, you have the basis to take healing action for its own sake. Any action you take will be aligned with your awareness of a higher truth.


Remnants of Atlantis Reversed

For the month of January, Scorpios are encouraged to focus on what is arising from humanities collective past (ancient or more recent) that either helps or hinder the healing and balancing of the energies on earth. What past cultures revered nature and lived in balance and harmony with the world? Which one’s focused on peace and love? Where are those movements rising again? If you don’t know about these cultures, where can you learn more? 

If you have the ability or are interested in past life regression, you may want to discover any relevant past lives of your own, and anything collective lesson you may have returned to be part of learning. For while some of our lessons are more personal, because we are all connected and a part of a larger world and whole, many of us returned during this time frame, when the environment is suffering and there are other social issues, to be part of the culture that is hear to bring about change or to be play a role in the learning of a collective lesson.

As you observe where humanity has been and come from and where it is leading to, try to suspend judgement or emotion in order to see things in a detached and honest way. Then take a look at your own life and what historical and collective archetypes, patterns, or belief systems you are aligned with (or enable). Which ones do you want to emphasize or what can be let go of? Where is the whole of life showing you that there is a lesson that you can be part of learning? As one individual, you contain humanity within you and humanity contains the individual within it. With this understanding, know that your history, present, and even future matter to the world. 

The Law of Balance

For those born in the sign of Sagittarius, this January you’re asked to let go of thinking in terms of extremes, in favor of finding a middle path between them. For example, the middle path between self-indulgence and self-denial is moderation. The middle path between abundance and poverty is quiet comfort. The middle path between wanting it all and not feeling you have enough is contentment  The middle path between the extremes of indifference and anxiousness is mindfulness. As you observe various extremes and the middle way between them, try not to shy away from observing the effects of straying from a middle path, not just for your own personal life but world at large. For example, where has excess materialism has lead to destructive to the environment or an overabundance of waste? Where has a dominant masculine principle caused the loss or devaluing of the feminine (or vice versa where it might apply)?

What is important with the energy of this card, is that you look out onto the world as one who can see through the various polarities which have become modus operandi to perceive how to strike a healthy balance. Sometimes the polarities and how to walk between them isn’t always easy to perceive as the western world has become accustomed to living out of balance. Living in balance can even be seen as somewhat a failure or not trying hard enough. However, as you see through the conditioning of the world, you can come up with new values that fit a modus operandi of being a “healer of the earth.” Through taking a balanced and graceful approach you can become a greater force of healing for yourself, others, and the greater world.


Wounded Healer

If you are a Capricorn, you are encouraged this month to see the opportunity within every challenge you face (or have in past faced) to be role model or source of inspiration and compassion for others. We all struggle, we all have challenges, and we all have lessons to learn. All of us know and understand something about pain and suffering. It is something we all share in common as opposed to making us different. Due to this, there’s no need to judge ourselves or others based on what kind of difficulty or suffering we are experiencing. Our suffering or challenges don’t have to leave us feeling less than or inferior. They can be what ignites our empathy, tolerance, courage, compassion, and inner strength, as well as our ability to become our own brand of teacher, support, or healer. This month, you are asked to be your own brand of teacher, support, or healer.  So, wherever you can, help others in pain and suffering know that they aren’t alone and that they are worthy. 


Shaky Foundation ReversedFor the month of January, Aquarius are encouraged to look beneath the surface of an important world issue to see its foundation and any potential vulnerabilities that can be strengthened. Be willing to look deep beneath the surface of what is visible to the human eye (or audible to the human ear) to see a deeper truth or what may not be working. Try not to see this as a negative process but a positive one where you have the opportunity to see what would offer strength to off-set a weakness or to offer a balm. Then, be willing to do some brainstorming and creative thinking as to what would be needed to strengthen the foundation or to bring about peace, in your own life and for the larger world. Of whatever could be an answer for the larger world, try strengthening your own life in that same fashion. Even if you’re just one person, remember you’re a part of the whole foundation. And as you help to be part of what helps to create a foundation that fosters love, peace, and awareness of your oneness with creation, it will help bring you into greater spiritual harmony and alignment.


The Clock Is Ticking Reversed

For this first month of 2019, Pisces are encouraged to let go of worrying about the action that others may or may not be taking to bring healing to a collective situation. Instead, focus on your own contributions. Perhaps you’ve held back from embarking on a certain course of action because you felt that it wouldn’t make a difference, was too difficult, you were doing it alone, or you were waiting for someone else to take the lead. This card asks you to let go of these kinds of rationalizations so that you can step into becoming the true Earth Healer you know yourself to be. View your situation as one where you are being offered a choice: you can either choose to make a gesture of love, support, and kindness to the greater whole, or you can choose to hold yourself back.

In a similar vein, you also don’t even need to concern yourself with whether a collective issue is real, based in science, something to genuinely worry about, or whether it isn’t. Simply focus on embracing a pure energy of being of service to the greater whole or “One.” Through doing so, you will also be helping yourself to foster and further your understanding of your connection to the whole of life– without needing to be joined by others in this or having to witness immediate results.

After all, acting according to what your heart deep down feels is right and pure, doesn’t need to be based on scientific research or what perhaps could potentially happen if there is a failure for the collective to act in a loving way or to heed a warning. Walking upon the earth in a way that leaves gentle footprints is something that can be done for its own sake, and something that can bring immeasurable rewards if you are willing to align with this kind of mind-set.


*Note: Please be cautious with any sort of cleanse and do not refrain from taking drugs or medicines without the permission of a doctor if you have a serious medical condition. Vegetarianism in some people may result in nutritional deficiencies, such as B12, so make sure you follow the advice of this card responsibly and not without advisement of a professional.