Eco-scope for December 2018

Posted on Dec 1, 2018

What is the environmental message for your Star Sign for the month?


Dolphin Song

For Aries, this month you are being urged to keep yourself attuned so that you can decipher an important information as it pertains to the greater world or your environment.  One way you can attune yourself is through a process of echolocation.

During the process of echolocation, a dolphin sends out a sound and listens carefully to the sounds that echo back. Through doing so, the dolphin can navigate through the waters, knowing its position among other objects.

For humans, echolocation would occur more symbolically. You would examine from the communications that are being put out into the world (symbolic or otherwise) what is being communicated back (either by people, life, outcomes, or consequences) in order to better decipher how well you understand your connection to the whole or “One.” When one truly understands “oneness” and atonement (at-one-ment), one understands that everything he or she says, does, supports, enables, stands up for, protects, buys, or sells, as a form of energy or intent being communicated to the larger world. It all says something, has meaning, and there will always be a communication that reverberates back from the greater world.


Breathing Room

For the month of December, Taurus’ are encouraged to do their part with helping to reducing airborne pollution, smog, and greenhouse gasses. Perhaps you can want to walk or bike more instead of taking your car to do errands that are close to home. Or maybe you can take the bus or carpool into work, or when it comes to getting children to sporting events or other activities. You can also cut back on your number of deliveries from amazon or other websites. Other ways you can support reduction in greenhouse gases are to eat less meat (or to go vegan)[1], buy less packaged goods (especially from manufacturers who are more polluting), and use cleaner sources of energy. If your home is a source of airborne pollution, you may want to make changes or to use more eco-friendly cleaning brands or paints to lower the amount of VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) in the air.

Overall, you goal for the month of December is to keep the air around you as clear and healthy as possible. See this as not only a physical exercise but a symbolic one as well. While it may require more effort on your part, it will help increase your level of physical health and that of the greater world. Remember, all is one.

[1] Livestock farming not only consumers a lot of land but creates a lot of greenhouse gasses. Please only go vegan on the advice of a medical professional or get regular check ups to make sure you aren’t deficient in B12 or other nutrients.


Akashic Records

For the month of December, Gemini’s are encouraged to look past the surface of life, and your daily life and experience, in order to see past the superficial. If you are someone who has the ability to tap into the akashic records, this is the month to do deeper exploration, perhaps using this ability toward exploring what the akashic records have to say about the environment or larger world. If you’ve ever had an interest in accessing these records, perhaps you may wish to learn more about it or take a course.

Another way that you can work with Akashic energy is to consider studying or looking into subjects of a historical or archaeological nature to learn more about history. Through learning about our history, one can often gain deeper understanding into why we behave a certain way in the present or what patterns are a potential to be repeated. If you have a great appreciation for past religious masters, philosophers, or indigenous tribes perhaps you go deeper perhaps you can delve deeper into who they truly were and the message they had to communicate if you read their original works, lore, or study their history.

Learning about history, however, is not required to work with the corrective energy of this card. You may wish to simply look more deeply beneath the surface of life and the world around you. Maybe you can even allow yourself to see what you never allowed yourself to see before, such as life’s or Nature’s hidden beauty (if applicable). 


Don't Forget Your Umbrella

The message for the “Don’t Forget Your Umbrella” card is one of foresight and preparing for a rainy day in advance. Thus, Cancers are encouraged this month  to show foresight when it comes to environmental or world issues, and to think of ways you can come up alternatives and plans of action to address, in advance, any future realities that could potentially arise.

This message isn’t necessarily about becoming a “doom-and-gloom” person, which isn’t productive. The message of this card is more about learning to become forward thinking in positive ways, such as to create solutions for problems before they arise, before a negative situation needs to transpire.. This can make you a person who is a leader, innovator, or creator of change. Law of Attraction is all about manifestation, so you can use your abundant thinking to come up with inspired ways to create an “umbrella” for yourself, the environment, and world.

Perhaps you can donate to charities helping to help with environmental or social issues, lead a charity, or implement (or invent) strategies to help you live more environmentally or socially conscious. What is important is that you are being pro-active instead of being a person who waits until the last minute, or until a situation is so bad it is urgent, to come up with solutions or a plan of action. The fact you are receiving this card, indicates that your guides, angels, or heavenly father support you taking this kind of action! You can even allow them to guide you in this process.


Shaky Foundation

For Leos, the advice for you this December is to look beneath the surface of an important world issue to see its foundation and any potential vulnerabilities that can be strengthened. Be willing to look deep beneath the surface of what is visible to the human eye (or audible to the human ear) to see a deeper truth or what may not be working. Try not to see this as a negative process but a positive one where you have the opportunity to see what would offer strength to off-set a weakness or to offer a balm. Then, be willing to do some brainstorming and creative thinking as to what would be needed to strengthen the foundation or to bring about peace, in your own life and for the larger world. Of whatever could be an answer for the larger world, try strengthening your own life in that same fashion. Even if you’re just one person, remember you’re a part of the whole foundation. And as you help to be part of what helps to create a foundation that fosters love, peace, and awareness of your oneness with creation, it will help bring you into greater spiritual harmony and alignment.


Wounded Healer

The advice for Virgos for the month of December is to see the opportunity within every challenge you face (or have in past faced) to be role model or source of inspiration and compassion for others. We all struggle, we all have challenges, and we all have lessons to learn. All of us know and understand something about pain and suffering. It is something we all share in common as opposed to making us different. Due to this, there’s no need to judge ourselves or others based on what kind of difficulty or suffering we are experiencing. Our suffering or challenges don’t have to leave us feeling less than or inferior. They can be what ignites our empathy, tolerance, courage, compassion, and inner strength, as well as our ability to become our own brand of teacher, support, or healer. This month, you are asked to be your own brand of teacher, support, or healer.  So, wherever you can, help others in pain and suffering know that they aren’t alone and that they are worthy. 


If you are a Libra, for the month of December you’re encouraged to cleanse the the toxic and unessential from their life through practicing simplicity, moderation, and prioritizing the natural over the artificial in your life. Simplicity can be achieved through getting rid of what doesn’t serve you anymore and what you don’t necessarily need, embracing the philosophy of “less is more.” You might want to ask yourself, “What excess do I have in my life that doesn’t bring me happiness anymore?” or “What just serves to pollute and clutter my space.” Simplicity and reducing clutter can also occur on a mental and emotional level, through withdrawing from thought patterns, situations, or relationships that create excessive attachment, drama, obsession, or overwhelm.

While the advice being offered is to embrace simplicity, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to live an aesthetic existence free from all attachments. It just means that you are able to tread a middle path between extremes. When you let go of extremes, it also helps to balance the emotions because there is less over-striving to acquire what you don’t need and less overwhelm by trying to manage too many commitments, debts, relationships, or emotions.

When it comes to prioritizing the natural over the artificial, this simply means you take stock in what is imbued with spirit and life, over cherishing what is artificial or has no life. This doesn’t mean you can never cherish what is lifeless, it simply means there is balance and that what has life is given priority. Committing to this kind of path will help to cleanse you on different levels. It may also help you to feel lighter, having the effect of lightening the load for nature and other creatures simultaneously.


Nature Sprite

For the month of December, Scorpios are encouraged to use their innate sensitivity and psychic ability to cultivate a sense of empathy for nature and the natural world (including wild and endangered animals). If you are already a full-blown earth empath who experiences physical or other symptoms in conjunction to events happening in the natural or collective world[1], instead of seeking to be free of or to ignore these symptoms, take the opportunity to  look deeper for what they are communicating in a positive way. If you aren’t a full blown empath, you can try imagine or tune into nature to feel for her energy or what is happening with her and do the same. You might want to ask yourself, “What are certain events or symptoms you are tuning into (or picking up) symbolic of[2], and does this symbolism correspond to what is going on in the collective consciousness or its mind-set?” Then, use what you intuit and see (and what it is symbolic of in terms of collective emotional states, mind-sets, and consciousness), to perceive how to bring things back into harmony and alignment—collectively and personally, since both are one. While you may not be able to control or prevent what is going on in nature or the greater world, you do have the opportunity to learn from it and to let it speak to you about how to align and balance your own life.

Earth empathy can also teach you how you are one with all of creation. This is more than just the spiritual level of existence but includes the physical and collective consciousness level of experience as well.  In a oneness way, earth/nature could be calling you to reconnect to her loving and vitality sustaining energies or to care about her and yourself, since she is a part of you.. Don’t let her call be ignored. Use your earth empathy toward seeing the bigger picture of what you are one with and an important part of.


[1] Such as with volcanoes, earthquakes, storms, or even social or political events or high levels of collective emotion or unrest. This can even include sensitivity to events happening to animals or to picking up the emotions of animals that are eaten.
[2] You can look up the meaning in online dream dictionaries or other sources. For example, tornadoes can symbolize a lot of swirling energy, over-activity, or scatteredness; floods can represent overwhelm, volcanoes can represent intense emotions coming to the surface, solar flares can represent a lot of yang, masculine energy, etc.

The Ice Thaws

While change isn’t always easy, it will be necessary if the world seeks to transcend some of its current difficulties. The type of change required is not only the kind that focuses on the emotional level (such as through creating an atmosphere of peace, oneness, light, and love), but will also require making the more difficult types of physical or lifestyle changes that can trigger deeper survival types of fears,  even if just a little at a time (giving time to process). These types of fears may include the fear of going against the norm, of leaving ones comfort zone, or of letting go of an aspect of your life or lifestyle that you feel addicted to or dependent upon.

Therefore, for those born in the sign of Sagittarius, for this month the change asked of you is the type that requires you to move out of your comfort zone. Take the values that you strive for on an emotional level such as peace, love, compassion, and light, and work them into your lifestyle. Where with the collective lifestyles are people blocked from being a true force of love, light, oneness, and peace in the world? If you want to find out more information on what area of lifestyle or culture your higher self, angels or guides wish you to work with, you can try drawing another card.


Magic Beanstalk

If you are a Capricorn, you are encouraged this month to focus on your ascension process. This process may involve rising above your material concerns and preoccupations to make a connection to spirit a dominant focus. While you may not be able to completely disengage from material aspects of your life, what is important is that you observe an upward (or forward) as opposed to a downward (or backward) process, as much as you can. With a downward or backward process, you package your spiritual reality to fit your material lifestyle, so your lifestyle never changes. In contrast to this, an upward process entails making changes to your life so that your material lifestyle becomes more aligned with what you know to be your spiritual truth (whatever this entails for you). Through aligning in this ascending manner, you can potentially create lasting changes. For example, you might wish to aim to find small ways to alter your lifestyle to fit any spiritual ideals of love, oneness, and peace that you hold (which could involve releasing the need to be acquisition-focused, workaholic, focused on elevating yourself above others, or other goals that exacerbate or encourage separation consciousness).

Perhaps it might help if you can imagine yourself stand upon a bridge or beanstalk that links both heaven and the earth. As you look down from such a high place, allow yourself to see the whole picture of human (and material) life, consciousness, and activity below you. Then view the whole picture of your spiritual essence and connectedness with your fellows. From here, you can start to think of ways that the material life can be brought more into alignment to reflect the purity, peacefulness, lovingness, and connection to the spiritual/heavenly realms that you long for.


Feng Shui ButterflyFor the month of December, Aquarius are encouraged to contemplate where the collective is (or has been) choosing fear over love when it comes to confronting bigger world issues. If it would take love to heal the world and to create a shift, then where has the energy become too stagnant or polluted? In other words, where has man become to complacent, passive, unmoving, or unwilling to challenged current ways of thinking or living out of fear of conflict, fear of change, fear of letting go of conveniences, fear of loss, fear of going against the norm, and other fears? The purpose of this exercise is not to focus on the negative in a passive way but to graduate to becoming the feng shui artist who can see where energy has become stagnant and unmoving in order to unblock its flow and getting it moving forward again.

In order to create a type of feng shui energy that is willing to move energy and to break through blocks to creating positive opportunities, the collective will be required to love in a fearless way that allows it to break through its fear of upsetting the status quo. Like the feng shui artist within the home, who must be willing to create organization and move some furniture around, so must the earth feng shui artist be able to see what needs to shift and be reorganized, reprioritized, or moved around as well.

This card is not necessarily asking you to make big changes right away. Its corrective energy is merely asking you to notice where hidden fears block humanity from making true forward movement. Only once the members of a collective can truly look at how life is being lived in a fearless and honest way, can it know how to use love to leave a powerful and loving imprint upon it.


Remnants of Atlantis

If you’ve drawn this card for its collective healing and corrective message, its wisdom is to dive beneath the superficial when it comes to collective experiences, patterns, routines, and emotional reactions in order to unearth something deeper. See if you can locate where certain predictable patterns of modes of collective thinking originate. As a human being, your consciousness is part of a greater ocean of collective consciousness. This consciousness has been imprinted throughout history with thoughts and ideas. As a human, you accept a part of this consciousness as part of your conditioning. This creates the norms and rules you follow, including those you’ve never learned to (nor been asked to) question.

So the advice being offered is not to be afraid to allow this ocean to be shaken up a little or to do your own form of emotional archaeological excavation. This could allow important insights or new knowledge to be unearthed, or a new perspective on your shared history on earth. Sometimes it takes a good shake to see the truth behind an illusion that has largely been made up. For example, ideas of nationality, race, wealth, poverty, success, failure, military, patriotism, land ownership, and other concepts are concepts that man has abided by throughout human history. However, the borders, definitions, and separations created or implied are all mind-made, and thus illusions in some form. Allow yourself to imagine what life would be like if the mind hadn’t made such concepts up. The purpose of this exercise is not necessarily one where you have to completely disengage from the world and its consciousness patterns. It is simply an exercise to make you more aware. The more aware you become, the more you will be shifted from the inside. The more people shift from the inside, the more the external world can start to shift as well.


*Note: Please be cautious with any sort of cleanse and do not refrain from taking drugs or medicines without the permission of a doctor if you have a serious medical condition. Vegetarianism in some people may result in nutritional deficiencies, such as B12, so make sure you follow the advice of this card responsibly and not without advisement of a professional.