Healers Of the Earth: Message of the Day – April 7

Posted on Apr 7, 2019

Healers of the Earth Oracle Processing EnergiesThe global message for Processing Energies reversed:

This message of this card invites you to use visualization to overcome resistance to creating changes in your life that would help you to more fully embody the archetype of an Earth Warrior or Healer. One way you can do this is through thinking of a form of change you’d like to see manifested in the greater world [1], asking yourself, “What would be needed to bring this change about?” Try not to focus on whether you, as only one person, are capable of bringing it about. What’s important is focus on your own role or contribution—to either being part of a problem or its solution.

Next, visualize yourself making this type of change. Notice any inner resistance you feel, or whether your mind starts creating excuses or giving into a mindset of “its just too difficult.” Beneath this resistance could lie feelings of insecurity, anxiety, fear of change, or even anger or blame (if part of you projects that others should shoulder more of the responsibility or at fault). Allow yourself to work through and process these emotions. The more you practice this type of visualization, facing and clearing mental resistance, the more open your mind and energy naturally become to being part of transforming the energy of the world.

This card is paired with the card “Participation” from the Guardians of Wisdom Tarot which states: “By giving your all, you win, results are not the issue.”


[1] If the change is too broad or general, try picking a smaller aspect to focus on. For example, you could focus on healing the oceans or protecting wildlife if your broader focus is to heal the environment.