Healers Of the Earth: Message of the Day – April 5

Posted on Apr 4, 2019

Healers of the Earth AnonymousThe global message for Anonymous reversed is very similar to the message of April 2:

If you’ve drawn this card for its corrective energy, it asks you to allow yourself to get out into the spotlight in service to a larger cause. Perhaps you’ve been too anonymous, hiding yourself away out of fear of not being accepted or liked by others (or that they might not agree). While its not always easy to move from anonymity to allowing yourself to be more recognized, you’re being asked to trust that you are ready for the challenge!

The type of cause you choose to serve is largely up to you. It can involve vegetarianism, rescuing animals, the environment, child abuse, social change, bringing more peace into the world, or something else that is a passion of yours. Stepping out from behind anonymity need not require you to stand in front of a microphone, write a book, or give lectures, if you don’t want it to. All it involves is letting go of any need or inclination you’ve had to keep your service to the world hidden, or secret from those close to you. Know that the heavenly realms support you in your cause, and if you’re brave enough to come out from hiding, it will bring rewards.

This card is paired with the card “Insecurity” from the Guardians of Wisdom Tarot which states: “Appearing confident on the outside while feeling unsure within.” Make sure to confront and face any feelings of insecurity within.