Healers Of the Earth: Message of the Day – April 2

Posted on Apr 2, 2019

Let Their Be LightThe global message for Let Their Be Light:

The advice of this card is to allow yourself to be a source of inspiration and a role model for others, especially with a cause that serves the greater world in some form.

Perhaps, you’ve drawn this card because you have the ability to be the type of person who sees solutions to problems where others may see roadblocks. If so, don’t be afraid to share your approach and ideas with the world or others around you. Maybe it can inspire people to move out of complacency and hopelessness to understand that positive change is possible.

On the other hand, if you’re the one who’s felt a little gloomy about the state of the world (feeling nothing can ever change), the energy of this card urges you to lighten up a little. Try adopting a more positive and proactive mind-set. Being positive doesn’t mean you have to ignore the negative. It simply means the negative in the world doesn’t leave you feeling defeated, hopeless, or complacent when it comes to doing anything about it. A truly positive person knows that for every problem there is a solution. Know that where the mind knows how to create problems, it can also be used to learn how to find solutions.

This card pairs perfectly with the second card “Complacent” which states: “Staying in a situation that is unresolved, due to fears of moving forward.”