Healers Of the Earth: Message of the Day – April 13

Posted on Apr 13, 2019

Nature Sprite ReversedThe global message for Nature Sprite reversed:

If you’ve drawn this card for its global and healing message, you’re asked to feel a sense of empathy for nature and the natural world (including trees, plants, and living creatures of all kinds). If you’re already an earth empath who experiences physical or other symptoms in conjunction to events happening in the natural or collective world, this shouldn’t be too difficult. You’re simply asked to allow any earth-empathic symptoms to elicit your compassion for nature instead of feeling burdened by them. If you aren’t an earth empath, you’re asked to use your imagination or intuition to tune into nature to feel for her and what is happening with her in an empathetic way. While you may not be able to completely control or prevent what is going on in nature or the greater world, you do have the opportunity to learn from it, and to let it speak to you about how you can create a deeper and more intimate connection with life all around you.

In a bigger sense, earth empathy (or allowing yourself to experience compassion for nature and the earth) can teach you how you are one with all of creation. So take a moment to consider, in a oneness way, how nature could be calling you to care about her—and yourself, since you are a part of her. Don’t let her call be ignored.

This card is paired with the card “Ignorance” from the Guardians of Wisdom Tarot which states: “You have a false sense of security and will pay the consequences later.” So there is almost a sense of urgency with this message.