The Color of Love Kit

144 Cards and Pendulum Chart

These cards were created to help with reading love situations,
both current and future love.

Psychic ConnectionThis is a kit of two 72 card decks and a pendulum chart. The first deck is called the Color of Love. This deck can be used to read the energy going on with a current love situation. Are you just friends or is something more going on? What are their intentions, your intentions, or the thoughts and feelings involved? The messages on the cards are in written format to give a clear picture of what is going on. The cards contain male/female and astrological symbols to help with questions revolving around sex, timing, and other questions. The backs of the cards contain the symbols and color energies without the words. A manual is included which describes how to read a relationship from its color energy alone.

The second deck is called the Color of New Love which reads the characteristics of a future love and what to watch for. These cards are used without mixing the upright with the reversed position. When all cards are in their upright position, you can ask questions around what type of relationship is upcoming. When all of the cards are used in their reverse position, you can ask questions around timing elements or if there are any other details to know.

A pendulum chart is included to be able to detect eye color, hair color, and other characteristics. A pendulum to use with the chart, however, is not included.

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Current Love

3 Card Current Love

Color of Love Oracle

Future New Love

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