Collective Energy Reading for January 2019

Posted on Jan 2, 2019

I’m currently writing the version of the manual for the Healers of the Earth Oracle that will include information and definitions for reading the collective energy. I wanted to do a test drive to see what would come up if I did a three card reading using the current definitions I’ve come up with. For 2019 I asked for 3 cards to relay the energy of the year and one card as a lesson or corrective energy to be applied. Here is the reading:

Collective Energy or Potentials

Card 1: Pick up your sword

  • A group or faction of the public may be engaged in some form of peaceful or enlightened resistance. Perhaps, somewhere in the world, an activist or a group is fighting for the greater good, standing up for rights, or standing up against oppression. It could be making headlines or bringing about positive and important changes.
  • A revolution is occurring, but it is one that doesn’t rely on violence or aggression to serve an end.
  • A world leader, the UN, or a government may be engaged in diplomatic negotiations, a conference, or some form of discussion.

Card 2: Cleansing

  • Environmentally, the earth could go through some form of cleansing or clean up process. If initiated by nature, there could be purification by water in certain areas (such as through floods, tsunamis, or similar events).
  • Agriculturally, there could be new legislation or a huge shift toward becoming more natural or organic. Or with technology and power sources, there could be a shift or new legislation toward more healthy, sustainable, and environmentally friendly.
  • Financially, politically, or socially something of a negative or unhealthy nature could be swept out so that something new and better can come in. Perhaps, a politician(s) who wasn’t serving his office very well are removed from their positions or new laws or programs are created to clean up cities, offices, crime, or garbage and litter.
  • There is new research, technology, approaches, or treatments when it comes to cleansing the body, detoxification, or getting rid of heavy metals or toxins in the body.

Card 3: Numb

  • On the physical level, somewhere temperatures could plummet leading to cases of frostbite. Areas could be frozen over by severe snow or ice.
  • An event may leave the public feeling a sense of loss, overwhelm, dismay, or the inability to cope with strong emotions or to deal with them in a healthy way.
  • A leader or prominent personality is going through severe stress or coping through dissociation or numbing their emotions.
  • New research, treatments or approaches surface regarding frigidity, hypothermia, cryogenics, or refrigeration/freezing.

Healing or Corrective Action

Seer of Souls (Reversed)

The corrective energy of this card calls the reader to view the role they play within an empathetic-apathetic-egocentric triad.[1] This can help with understanding one’s relationships with others more clearly, as well as one’s relationship with other living beings and the greater world.

Within the empathetic-egocentric-apathetic triad, the empathetic personality is the individual who is sensitive and feels for others. Such individuals would often rather be abused by others than abuse others, because they are conscious of what it feels like to be harmed in any manner. If the empathetic individual turns their caring toward the downtrodden or abused (as well as nature and animals), they will often seek to protect them. Some may even make it their mission to restore justice, becoming activists in some form.

In stark contrast to the above, the egocentric personality cares for the self above others and tends to focus on what they can acquire (such as power, money, dominion). Some have been abused and learned to cope with it by shutting down their capacity to care. They may be manipulative, dominating, abusive, or unfeeling in order to achieve their goals or get others to do their bidding. When it comes to the environment, nature, and animals, these are “things” that can be made use of for the purpose of self-gain which there is little concern if they are injured or suffer harm. The egocentric personality may rationalize they likely won’t be alive or around when it comes time for dealing any dire consequences. These are left for the younger generations to sort out.

The apathetic personality of the triad tries not to get involved in either the empathetic individual’s or the egocentric individual’s agenda. However, they often end up siding with or arguing for the cause of the egocentric individual if feeling the need to take sides in an argument between an empathetic individual or egocentric. The empathetic individual may be rationalized as causing problems or being too sensitive or dramatic. When witnessing abuse from an egocentric personality (or institution/entity), an apathetic personality may become an unconscious enabler, not wishing to make waves. Some may fear upsetting the egocentric personality while others may be dependent on the egocentric personality through receiving perks or compensation for remaining loyal. When it comes to world or environmental issues, apathetic individuals tend to just remain on the sidelines. Some may just rationalize that everything will just work out how it is supposed to. There are often more perks to go along with the egocentric individuals (or corporations and entities), than to stand up to or fight against them. They may reason that this is simply how society operates, everyone else is doing it, and there is no other choice.

A single person can sometimes play all three roles, depending upon the time, place, or situation. For instance, some individuals can be empathetic when it comes to their relationships and apathetic when it comes to the environment or world (or specific world or environmental issues). Some individuals can be egocentric when it comes to their relationships but empathetic when it comes to specific environmental or world issues. There are a variety of combinations, and it is unlikely that one person will be all one or all another. What is important, with receiving this card, is to become conscious of these roles and in what situations you play them.


[1] This idea is taken from the book “The Empathy Trap” written by Jane and Tim McGregor. The authors use different words to describe the triangle. They call it the empath-apath-sociopath (or narcissist) triangle.