Collective Energy Reading for February 2019

Posted on Feb 1, 2019

For February 2019, I drew the below spread:

Collective Energy or Potentials

Card Group 1:

  • Purification and Release: This card focuses on what can be or needs to be purified and released as part of a cleansing process.
  • The Karmic Scales: This card focuses on the balancing of karma, using discernment, and the idea of justice being served.
  • Read the Energy (Mystic Merlinite): This card is about being perceptive and paying attention to what is going on around us.

Card Group 2:

  • Collective Physical: This card asks the reader to focus on the collective physical level of experience. This could pertain to something tangible rather than emotional. It could have to do with nature, money, and anything of a physical nature.
  • Remnants of Atlantis: This card brings with it a focus on the past or past history or lessons that are rising in a way it can be repeated or learned from. In the physical form, it can refer to something going on with or under the sea, or archaeological discoveries.
  • Already there is Value (heliotrope): This card is about realizing there is something of value with something from the past. That something from the past needs to be hung onto or learned from before branching off in new directions, focusing on the future, or coming up with new ideas.

Card Group 3:

  • Spiritual Hygiene: This card brings with it a focus on keeping our energy and space clear and pure. It can also refer to the energy system (planetary or personal) and reliance on angels, God, spirituality, and a higher truth.
  • Celestial Encounters: This card brings with it a focus on the angelic realm, the cosmos, and what lies beyond the veil.
  • Sacred Revolution (Kali and Black Obsidian): This card brings with it a focus on a type of sacred revolution that can help us to create lasting change and the overthrowing an existing hierarchy where there exists abuse of power of those in authority (spiritual, political, and otherwise).