"These cards were developed as self-help tools, primarily for those who feel uncomfortable with using muscle testing or pendulum charts to detect blocks to healing/progress or what their symptoms are trying to tell them. These cards can be used as a supplement or replacement. "

Mandy Peterson, Professional Card Reader and EFT Practitioner

EFT Divination Kit

Cards to use with Emotional Freedom Technique to replace muscle testing. This kit contains a deck for detecting emotions and their timelines and a deck to test for blocks to healing.

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Color of Love Kit

Color of Love

This 2-deck kit contains a deck for reading current love situations (also detecting what a current love interest is intending or feeling) and a deck to read new love situations.

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Healers of the Earth

Healers of the Earth

With this deck, both the fronts and the backs of the cards can be used to give different kinds of readings. It was created as a deck for healers and empaths.

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“Whether you’re just beginning to work with oracle cards or a seasoned pro at it, I do feel you’ll find these right up your alley.”

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