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This new website does not contain all of the older decks from the old website. If there is enough demand or contributions to replace these decks then I will consider doing so. I will replace these decks for a minimum of 250$ in donations.

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Your Card of the Day

Ocean of Love

You feel cared for, loved, and supported by your friends, family, or a partner. These relationships make it safe for you to give love back and to let down your guard. With work, finances, or a project, expect to receive support and reassurance from others around you who want to help you meet your goals. With health matters, surrounding yourself with loving and supportive individuals will help with your recovery or with feeling accepted as you are.

I love these cards and use them every single day to pull from as they are that spot on for me. Whether you are just beginning to work with oracle cards or a seasoned pro at it, I do feel you will find these right up your alley. Read more>>

Michele Hudson, Psychic Medium

Current and New Love Readings

Use the decks from the Color of Love Divination Kit to read for what is happening in a current love situation or what is coming in the form of a new love.

Current Love Reading

Color of Love Deck

New Love Reading

Color of New Love

EFT & Chakra Decks

Use the decks from the EFT Divination Kit to read for what is blocking healing progress, what chakra to work with, and/or what emotions or memories need to be healed.

What is Blocking You?

EFT Divination Deck

What Chakra to Work With?

EFT Divination Deck

What Emotion or Memory?

Emotions Deck

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Cheryl Andary

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